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An eleven-coin specimen set including gold and flatware neologism from a significant class in the reign of Queen Victoria .

Eleven Coin Jubilee Set

In 1887 Queen Victoria marked her Golden Jubilee, celebrating fifty years since her rise to the throne. A roll of official festivities were held, including a feast attended by fifty extraneous kings and princes ampere well as the governing heads of Britain ‘s oversea colonies and dominions .
A decoration, stamps and newfangled coins were besides designed to commemorate the occasion. indeed, 1887 was the first royal jubilee marked with a limited issue of coinage .
This specimen set includes examples of eleven coins issued in Victoria ‘s Golden Jubilee year, including four gold coins and seven silver coins :

  • 1887 Gold Five Pound or Quintuple Sovereign
  • 1887 Gold Two Pound or Double Sovereign
  • 1887 Gold Sovereign
  • 1887 Gold Half Sovereign
  • 1887 Silver Crown
  • 1887 Silver Double Florin
  • 1887 Silver Half Crown
  • 1887 Silver Florin
  • 1887 Silver Shilling
  • 1887 Silver Sixpence
  • 1887 Silver Threepence

The Jubilee Portrait

All eleven coins in this specimen set bear an obverse portrait, introduced for the 1887 jubilee and designed by medalist and sculptor Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm .
Boehm ’ s ‘Jubilee Head ‘ shows the Queen with a long caul : a nod to the state of matter of deep mourn she adopted after the death of her consort, Prince Albert, in 1861. The effigy was an accurate depiction of Victoria – then in her late sixties – but both the monarch and the press regarded it as undignified, by and large thanks to the small crown which looks at gamble of toppling off the royal pass. The design was removed from british currency after only a few short years.

On the gold coins in this plant the Jubilee Portrait is paired with a longer-lasting nineteenth hundred coinage design : Benedetto Pistrucci ‘s Saint George and the Dragon .

An Early Gold Five Pound

1887 was n’t just marked with the introduction of a new effigy but besides with the dismissal of a newfangled coin into circulation.

Gold Five Pound pieces had been struck during the reigns of George III and George IV. Early in Victoria ‘s reign a beautiful £5 coin, showing an allegorical depicting of the Queen, was minted for collectors. The Golden Jubilee year marked the beginning time this large aureate denomination circulated .
The amber Two Pound mint in this 11-coin jell is a similarly early exemplar. Proof Double Sovereigns were first struck in 1820 and first circulated in 1823. The 1887 issue represents only the irregular time that this denomination appeared as currency .
While intended for circulation these barely gold Double and Quintuple Sovereigns formed the basis of sets assembled by collectors. Since they were the hardest coins from this year to get hold of, fakes are coarse so it ‘s pleasing to see a complete, original set, assembled in an attractive antique case.

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