Soul Coin – DND 5th Edition

Soul Coin

source : Baldur ‘s Gate – descent into Avernus
wonderfully item, rare

Soul coins are about 5 inches across and about an edge thick, minted from infernal iron. Each mint weighs one-third of a impound, and is inscribed with Infernal write and a enchantment that magically binds a individual soul to the mint. Because each soul coin has a singular soul trapped within it, each has a story. A animal might have been imprisoned as a solution of defaulting on a deal, while another might be the victim of a night hagfish ‘s execration .
Carrying Soul Coins. To hold a soul coin is to feel the person bound within it — get the best with rage or fraught with despair .
An evil animal can carry as many soul coins as it wishes ( up to its maximal weight allowance ). A nonevil creature can carry a phone number of soul coins equal to or less than its Constitution changer without penalty. A non-evil animal carrying a issue of soul coins greater than its Constitution changer has disadvantage on its attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws .
Using a Soul Coin. A soul coin has 3 charges. A animal carrying the coin can use its carry through to expend 1 care from a person mint and use it to do one of the keep up :

  • Drain Life. You siphon away some of the soul’s essence and gain 1d10 temporary hit points.
  • Query. You telepathically ask the soul a question and receive a brief telepathic response. which you can understand. The soul knows only what it knew in life, but it must answer you truthfully and to the best of its ability. The answer is no more than a sentence or two and might be cryptic.

Freeing a Soul. Casting a spell that removes a execration on a soul coin frees the soul trapped within it, as does expending all of the mint ‘s charges. The coin itself rusts from within and is destroyed once the soul is released. A rid soul travels to the kingdom of the idol it served or the out airplane most closely tied to its alignment ( DM ‘s choice ). The person of lawful evil creatures released from soul coins typically emerge from the River Styx as lemure devils .
A soul can besides be freed by destroying the mint that contains it. A person coin has AC 19, 1 hit point for each charge it has remaining, and exemption to all wrong except that which is dealt by a hellfire weapon ( BG : DA, page 223 ) or an infernal war machine ‘s furnace ( BG : DA, page 217 ) .
Freeing a soul from a soul coin is considered a good act, even if the soul belongs to an evil creature.

Hellish Currency. Soul coins are a currency of the Nine Hells and are highly valued by devils. The coins are used among the demonic hierarchy to barter for favors, bribe the unwilling. and reward the faithful for services rendered .
Soul coins are created by Mammon and his greater devils on Minauros, the one-third layer of the Nine Hells, in a huge bedroom where the capture souls of malefic mortals are bound into the coins. These coins are then distributed throughout the Nine Hells to be used for goods and services, demonic deals, dark bargains, and bribes .

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