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Mighty Morphin 3



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First Appearance:

Ninja Quest -Part III

Last Appearance:

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown

Number of Episode Appearances:

13 (Mighty Morphin)
1 (Short Film)
8 (Mighty Morphin (Boom)
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Kim Strauss ( Mighty Morphin )
Aaron Spurlock ( Street Fighter Showdown )

Aaron Spurlock

Ninjor Battle Mode

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  • 4
“Who’s out there? I want answerrrrs!”
―Ninjor’s first words after hearing Kimberly in the Temple of Power.
“Evil makes me so angry! That.. just.. burns me up! I’m up to good! Ninja Power now! Behold the power of ninja!”
―Ninjor after transforming into his Battle Mode for the first time whilst fighting Vampirus.
“Behold the power, grace and beauty of your new Ninjazords. These Zords are driven by the force of the ninja and infused with the power of light and strength. They are far superior to the Zords of the past. Where before your power came from the brute strength of the dinosaurs, now it comes from tne swift intelligent cunning of the ninja. This is more than a restoration of your Ranger powers. Your new Power Coins come with new, more advanced powers. However, as before, it is important that you work together as a team. To that end, all of the Zords have the ability to unite as one to form the Ninja MegaFalconzord.”
―Ninjor introducing the Ninjazords.
“Oh, there you are. Congratulations on a job well done, Power Rangers. Now that you have mastered the art of ninja powers, we can join forces to protect the Temple of Power from the evil which inhabits the universe. We are one now. Simply close your eyes and focus upon our collective energy. That is the power of ninja.”
―Ninjor agreeing to help the Power Rangers in the future.

Ninjor is the creator of the Power Coins and an ally of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers .



little is known about Ninjor ‘s by. Ninjor is a powerful Ninja that knows many mysteries and secrets of the Morphin Grid and forged the Power Coins to be used by those battling the malefic forces of the universe. however, for over 10,000 years, this remained a myth as Zordon of Eltar and Alpha 5 fair stumbled upon the Power Coins with a map to the Temple of Power hidden in the Desert of Despair .

Mighty Morphin

When Rito Revolto destroys the Thunderzords and damages the first set of Power Coins permanently, the Power Rangers seek out Ninjor at the Temple of Power for aid. At beginning, Ninjor is n’t well convinced that the Rangers seek out the Ninja Power for the right reasons and refuses to help them. however, after hearing an ardent manner of speaking from Tommy about not giving up, he changes his beware as they have shown the true virtue of heroes. Ninjor bestows on them new Power Coins and the Ninjazords which defeat Rito. however, an egg planted outside of the Temple ‘s entrance hatches into a Vampirus who has been told to destroy Ninjor and the Temple of Power to strip the Power Rangers of thier modern powers. Ninjor ambushes Vampirus near the entrance so the monster has Rita and Zedd enlarge him as Ninjor does the lapp but the giant traps him in another dimension and wipes him out. however, Ninjor turns into Ninjor Battle Mode after Vampirus insults him and charges at the shock monster who pulls out a katana alone to be disarmed and taken out of his region by Ninjor ‘s lance. As the Ninja MegaFalconzord arrives, Ninjor then hits him with his signature fireball finisher before the Ninja MegaFalconzord destroys Vampirus with the Power Punch. Later, Ninjor contacts Zordon through the Viewing Globe and declare that he has decided to assist the Rangers in battle whenever they need him and that they only need to call his name for help oneself. Tvicon.png TV STORY- Ninja Quest Ninjor is summoned on his obscure after the Artistmole ’ s torso proves to be made of rouge and frankincense the Rangers ’ attacks are useless against him. Ninjor tries to fight the freak but he is indestructible which allows the freak to smack him down and drain all six of their life-forces and render them easy to destroy. Before the monster can finish them off though, Kimberly ( having been searching for her missing Communicator ) arrives and forces the Artistmole to retreat with her Blade Blaster and restores her ally ’ randomness powers in the serve. Rita and Zedd then enlarge the Artistmole so the Rangers form the Ninja Megazord whilst Ninjor grows colossus. Ninjor turns into Ninjor Battle Mode after the Artistmole proves to be very arrogant and blasts the shock monster with a powerhouse which allows the Ninja MegaFalconzord to destroy the Artistmole. TV STORY- A Brush with Destiny Ninjor appears of his own volition after the Ninja Megazord is formed to fight a giant Lanterra as he has sensed the monster ’ s presence and come to help. Ninjor fights Centiback one-on-one but Centiback ‘s roughhousing easily defeats the ninja passkey. however, Ninjor turns into Ninjor Battle Mode after Lanterra calls him a dimbulb and blasts the freak with a fireball which allows the Ninja MegaFalconzord to finish him off. TV STORY- Passing the Lantern After Centiback turns all of the Power Rangers besides Rocky, Ninjor is summoned as serve. They are given special buckets to reverse the monster ’ second spell and confront the monster in the pit. together, they use the baskets to reverse the department of energy emitted the footballs which turns his victims back to convention which enrages Centiback. When Rita and Zedd enlarge the giant, the Ninja Megazord is summoned as Ninjor enlarges. Ninjor fights Centiback one-on-one but Centiback ‘s roughhousing well defeats the ninja dominate. however, Ninjor turns into Ninjor Battle Mode after Centiback insults him and charges at the shock monster before energy slashing him and leaving him open for the Ninja Megazord to finish off. TV STORY- Fourth Down and Long Ninjor appears of his own volition after Katastrophe enlarges as he has sensed her presence. As the Ninja Megazord is formed, he slashes and punches her down before turning into Battle Mode and launching a fireball at her. Weakened, Katastrophe is easily defeated by the Ninja MegaFalconzord though she survives and reverts rear to Katherine Hillard. TV STORY- A Ranger Catastrophe Ninjor is captured by Rita and Zedd to power the Shogun Megazord after he is summoned to help against the Tenga Warriors and is then captured by a giant Goldar. At the like time, a mind-controlled Katherine Hillard steals Kimberly ‘s Crane might coin and seized the White Ninja Falconzord, putting the Ninjazords out of commission and leaving the Rangers vulnerable although they finally get control of the Shogunzords. TV STORY- Changing of the Zords After Master Vile arrives at the Moon Palace and declares Rita and Rito to be failures, Rito impresses him by showing him Ninjor ‘s vase. reclaim the Falconzord, and Ninjor escaped concisely after. He is recaptured by Master Vile and linked to the Blue Globbor monster which causes all price to Globbor to transfer to Ninjor. however, when Alpha and Zordon expose the monster to sunlight, he is reverted back to his regular form and the connection to Ninjor is severed. With his powers now restored, Ninjor easily breaks rid of his chains and enlarges immediately after Master Vile and helps the Rangers to destroy the Blue Globbor and send Master Vile packing. TV STORY- Master Vile and the Metallic Armor


After the Rangers become the Zeo Rangers, Ninjor is never seen again and Tommy comments that he is once again residing at the Temple of Power and has reclaimed the Ninjazords. TV STORY- A Zeo Beginning, Part II

The Lost Episode

Ninjor was seen in archive footage, along with versatile Rangers and villains, when Austin St. John and Walter Jones related about the Power Rangers ‘ team from Mighty Morphin until the recently Lost Galaxy. TV STORY- The Lost Episode

Dino Thunder

“Zordon sent us on a quest to find Ninjor, a warrior from the past who showed us the secrets of the ancient ninja.”
―Tommy Oliver on Ninjor

Ninjor is featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver soon after he formed the Dino Rangers which is found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. Ninjor is seen when Tommy recounts the events of “ Ninja Quest. ” TV STORY- Legacy of Power
Ninjor does not participate in the fabled Battle for nameless reasons. Unlike many Ranger-like allies, Ninjor is on earth and available to fight, making his absence an oddity. Ninjor ‘s stream whereabouts or if he distillery resides within the Temple of Power is stranger although he most likely distillery does. TV STORY- The fabled Battle : prolong edition

Street Fighter Showdown

Ninjor is the one to give Ryu and Chun-Li their baron Coins to become the Ryu and Chun-Li Rangers. TV STORY- Street Fighter Showdown

Split History

Escaping from his prison, Lord Drakkon makes his way to where Ninjor is hiding and convinces him to repair his damaged Morpher and Power Coin, telling the sage that he came from the future and ca n’t share excessively much information for fear of altering the timeline. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ( Boom ! Studios ) Issue 25 When Drakkon returns to Finster 5, it is revealed that he has captured Ninjor and used his cognition to give himself a Samurai ascent from one of the steal Samuraizers. What happened to Ninjor after this is unclear but is is implied that Drakkon brainwashed the ninja master to serve him but the Rangers late rescue him. COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ( Boom ! Studios ) Issue 26
In 2205, Ninjor is still residing inside his bottle in the Temple of Power until the Blue Senturion arrives with the intention of arresting him as he believes that Ninjor is creditworthy for the initiation of the Mutant Rangers that rob the the Angel Grove Museum. Ninjor is initially unwilling to cooperate as he wishes to be left entirely and even mocks the cub hook by poking his eye when the Senturion picks up his bottle. however, when Ninjor overhears that the Rangers are related to the crime, he grows curious and excitedly decides to join the Blue Senturion as his partner on the case much to the Blue Senturion ’ s chagrin. COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ( Boom ! Studios ) Issue 29 After Ninjor discovers that the Rangers the Blue Senturion is after are putty Patrollers that can impersonate Rangers using the Badges of Darkness, he meditates to track the energies of the Badges of Darkness. This allows him to sense one of Mesogog ‘s Invisiportals that the Mutant Rangers escape into. The two head late find themselves on a desert at night where the Blue Senturion tries to do a stakeout, much to Ninjor ‘s impatience. The mutant Rangers belated appear disguised as the Turbo Rangers and they start digging the Red Battlezord on the defect, Ninjor and the Blue Senturion witness the Zord issue from the ground. COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ( Boom ! Studios ) Issue 31
Ninjor changes into his giant Battle Mode whilst the Senturion summons the Robo Racer before Ninjor kicks and tosses the Zeo Battlezord correctly into Robo Racer, damaging it but defeating the Rangers who late melt out of the Zeo Battlezord. Ninjor then commands the Zeo Battlezord and crashes at Venus as that was where the Mutant Rangers where going. The couple approaches Monsieur Muster ‘s lair and Muster introduces himself to the the duet and deploys a big collection of Krybots, but the duet easily defeat the Krybots and belated check Muster. Ninjor late repairs the Senturion ‘s Robo Racer and they both say that they should work together again erstwhile, shaking hands and referring to each other as “ BFFs of Justice ”. COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ( Boom ! Studios ) Issue 36

Video Game Appearances

power Rangers Key Scanner

Ninjor appears in the videogame Power Rangers Key Scanner amongst diverse other Rangers teams.

office Rangers Legacy Wars

Ninjor is among the many Rangers who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. He is an Epic ( Leader ), Epic ( Assist ) character.

Puzzle and Dragons

As part of the collaboration by Hasbro in a restrict game event, Ninjor was an unlockable character in Puzzle and Dragons. Abilities

  • 8 Turns ( 8 Turns at Lv.1 ),This card can be used as assist.

Leader Skill

  • All attribute cards ATK x4, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Wood and Water combos at the same time.
  • ATK x2.5 at 3 combos. ATK x0.5 for each additional combo, up to ATK x4 at 6 combos.

Puzzle and Dragon ninjor Ninjor in Puzzle and DragonsPuzzle and Dragon ninjor swords Ninjor ‘s Swords in Puzzle and Dragons


Given his voice, Ninjor can come across as goofy, silly and comedic but was a very serious and dangerous champion who was immediate to anger when diss which was besides his greatest forte. When he first met the Power Rangers, Ninjor was isolationist and dismissive to the decimal point of crudeness but finally became more affable and reasonable when the Rangers proved themselves .


  • Ninjor
  • Battle Mode

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Ninjor is strong enough to send Katastrophe flying to the ground with a single punch and easily overwhelm Goldar in battle.
  • Durability: Ninjor was shot and slashed by Lanterra, slashed by Goldar, slashed and blasted by Dischordia, and blasted by Master Vile without getting badly hurt.
  • Self Growth: Ninjor is able to grow into a giant in a massive puff of smoke at will.
  • Battle Mode Transformation: When angered, Ninjor can transform into a Megazord like Battle Mode at will.
    • Instant Transformation: Ninjor can also transform into Battle Mode without being angered as seen whilst fighting Dischordia.
  • Empowerment: Ninjor is able to summon lightning into himself and fire white lightning into the Power Rangers to give them their Ninja Ranger powers.
  • Energy Screen: Ninjor can charge white lightning into his body to fire a yellow energy beam from his left index. It formed an energy screen to show off the Ninjazords.
  • Ninjazord Granting: Ninjor was able to summon colorful energy columns over the Rangers to allow them access to the Ninjazords.


  • Ninja Mastery: Ninjor is a master ninja skilled in battle and teaching others.
    • Flash Step: A move that allows Ninjor to teleport instantly teleport around in explosions of smoke. He only did this in the episode “Ninja Quest-part IV” to mess with the Vampirus.
  • Evil Sense: Ninjor sensed the upcoming attack by Rito Revolto to Angel Grove and presumably did so whenever he came to help the Rangers unprompted.
  • Teleportation: Ninjor can teleport to any location at will in a flash of blue energy. However, he only did this in the episode “Ninja Quest-part III” after seeing the Power Rangers off.
    • Teaching: Ninjor is an excellent teacher, able to teach the Power Rangers everything about thier new Ninja Ranger powers and Zords.
    • Swordsmanship: Ninjor is an excellent swordsman, easily overwhelming the Blue Globbor and multple other monsters with his swordsmanship.
    • Smoke Teleportation: Ninjor is able to disappear and reappear in puffs of smoke at will as seen when he humiliated Vampirus.


  • Power Draining: Although very powerful, Ninjor is extremely vulnerable to having his energy drained as it completely defeated him when he met the Blue Globbor.
  • Connection to Globbor (formerly): Whilst captured by Master Vile, he had a close connection to the Blue Globbor that allowed the monster to drain his energy for new powers and meant that any damage dealt to it injured Ninjor as well. When Globbor was exposed to sunlight however, the connection was completely severed and Ninjor was able to free himself.


  • Ninjato: Ninjor wields a large katana in battle that he kept in a sheath on his back.
    • Lance Transformation: Ninjor’s katana can combine with its hilt to form a much bigger and stronger lance-like weapon. However, he only used it in Battle Mode.
  • Cloud: Ninjor was usually seen entering Zord battles on a cloud if he hadn’t been assiting the Power Rangers before-hand.


Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Ninjor Battle Mode is far more powerful than his regular form and was able to easily overwhelm and defeat the Blue Globbor who was stronger than the Megazords.
  • Strength: Ninjor Battle Mode can send the Blue Globbor flying across the city with a single strike from the butt of his lance to the monster’s face.
  • Fireball Generation: Ninjor Battle Mode’s most powerful attack where he focuses all of his energies between his hands to fire forth a large orange fireball into the monsters. Typically, they are just used to weaken monsters for the Ninja Megazord to finish them but his fireball is what ultimately kills the Blue Globbor.


to be added


  • Samurai Lance: Ninjor Battle Mode wields a massive blue lance that is a combination of his ninjato and its sheath. It is stronger than his default sword.
    • Energy Slash: Ninjor can charge red energy into his katana to perform a devastating energy slash into the monster’s chest. However, it was only used once against Centiback.

Appearances : MMPR S3 Episodes 7-9, 11, 18, 31, 32

fabled Ranger Devices

Behind the Scenes


  • Ninjor’s name is derived from “ninja”.


  • Ninjor’s battle mode is based on a samurai.
  • His sword and scabbard are intended to combine to resemble a “naginata”/javelin.


  • Ninjor was voiced by Kim Strauss. For Street Fighter Showdown, Ninjor was voiced by Aaron Spurlock.



  • Ninjor was the first Power Rangers character to receive a toy in 3 Power Rangers lines. His first toy was as himself, in Mighty Morphin and was later repurposed as Ninjakon for Ninja Storm. Ninjakon would then be repurposed slightly for Power Rangers Jungle Fury.


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