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CoinLoan is a robust and dim-witted ecosystem containing respective products and services : cryptocurrency Wallet, Instant Loans, Interest Account, and Crypto Exchange.


If you ’ rhenium looking for a authentic and secure serve for holding your assets, CoinLoan is precisely what you need. Our crypto app is a dim-witted even solid solution for those who want to store their funds in one station. We offer a transparent and smart way to manage your cryptoassets – the CoinLoan Wallet.

What you can do with the CoinLoan Crypto Wallet :

– Easily transfer crypto between your wallets.
– Deposit crypto with no fees ; get one detached withdrawal per month for ETH and ERC-20 tokens and free withdrawals for other assets.
– Swap, sell, or buy cryptocurrency on our Crypto Exchange.
– Deposit funds to your Interest Account and start gain.
– Borrow crypto or decree by getting an blink of an eye Loan.

You can deposit Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Polkadot, Monero, Cardano, and other crypto. Please see the full list of available assets :

– Stablecoins : PAX ( USDP ), USDT, TUSD, DAI, BUSD, and USDC
– Fiat : EUR, GBP, and USD

Download the app and start funding your Wallet via the most commodious way.

For decree funds :

– SEPA ( for Eurozone residents )
– Wire transfer ( for USA residents )
– SWIFT ( available worldwide )

For stablecoins :

– ERC-20 network to deposit coin as a token from your other wallet
– Wire transfer to deposit USDC

For crypto :

– Use your crypto wallet to deposit the coveted asset on CoinLoan
– For BTC and LTC, we use a modern Bech32 address format
– For XLM deposits, we require a leading Lumens Memo
– For XRP deposits, we need a Destination Tag

After making a deposit, you can use our products with one chink.


To get a loan might be a big cope, but we constantly work on making the serve a easy as potential for you. With our money loan app, you can get personal loans on favorable terms.

– APR is from 4.95 % to 11.95 %.
– The only thing required is collateral.
– Choose between 20 %, 35 %, 50 %, and 70 % LTV.
– Repayment according to a repayment schedule.
– No fees or penalties for early refund.
– Loan term is from 1 month to 3 years.
– We do not require refund in full in 60 days or less.
– Borrow money ( crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat, and fiat-to-crypto ).

matter to ACCOUNT

No more need to sell your coins to profit. alternatively, keep your crypto and make it work just by parking the assets on your Interest account.

– Earn up to 12.3 % APY.
– Deposit with no fees.
– Get casual interest for parking cripto and stablecoins.
– Earn crypto on staking CLT.

There ’ s no need to look for the best crypto rates now, as you have the CoinLoan Crypto Exchange.

– 200+ exchange pairs
– Beneficial exchange rates
– Zero fees for depository


– THE ASSETS ’ SAFETY : CoinLoan stores your crypto at the certify custodian with $ 250M policy coverage. We have a rigorous access convalescence policy, require two-factor authentication, and perform all crypto operations according to Cryptocurrency Security Standard.

– FINANCIAL REGULATION : Our company is a regulated fiscal initiation licensed by the estonian Intelligence Unit ( FVT000114 – Financial services, Providing a virtual currency service, FFA000241 – Financial services, Operating as a fiscal institution ). We take care of the KYC and AML procedures under european and international regulations.

– BENEFICIAL RATES : We have one of the best rates on the commercialize. With CoinLoan, you can borrow crypto and decree at 4.5 % APR, get up to 12.3 % APY accrued to you casual and credited monthly, and immediately buy, sell, or swap 25+ assets.

– MULTI-LANGUAGE INTERFACE : english, german, french, japanese, spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

The CoinLoan believe wallet app is a platform for parking your assets securely and using our products.

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