$10 MS-61 Liberty Gold Eagle Coin (NGC or PCGS) – Random Year

Buy $10 MS-61 Liberty Gold Eagle Coins
Bearing an MS-61 grade from either PCGS or NGC, these Random Year $ 10 Liberty Gold Eagle Coins are among the most celebrated gold coins struck by the United States Mint over a hundred ago .
PCGS is one of the oldest coin-grading agencies in the United States and was established in 1985. It is headquartered in Santa Ana, California. The lone bearing of the seven dealers, including the current president of the united states of PCGS, David Hall, while setting up the agency was – providing more information about coins to the populace, before they dip into their wallets .
similarly, NGC, or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, was established in 1987. It began as a relatively small third-party coin-grading means in Parsippany, New Jersey. however, over the by three decades, NGC has become one of the most respect and trusted coin-grading authorities in the universe.

Each of these coins contains 0.48375 troy ounces of pure gold and bear a grade of MS-61 from either PCGS or NGC. furthermore, they ‘re hush official United States Coins with face values of $ 10.

Although an MS-61 grad is by no means the best out there, considering the senesce of these coins ( over a hundred old ), these particular Liberty Gold Eagle specimens are an ideal option for those who want to strike a counterweight between its grade and price.

A classic rendition of Lady Liberty is imprinted on the obverses of these coins. Modeled after portrayals normally found on coins from the Greco-Roman era, this purpose features the left-profile of Lady Liberty with a crown atop her steer. On the other hand, the reversion sides of these gold coins display the celebrated bald eagle cling to arrows and olive branches in its talons .
These random Year MS-61 Liberty Gold Eagle Coins shipped to you could be struck in any year between 1838 to 1907 — depending on our stocks at the fourth dimension. Grab them for your collections and diversify your cute metals portfolios today .
The coins in this listing all have the Mint State 61 certification from NGC or PCGS. They all have been professionally graded and holdered by their respective certifier. The protective credit card slab the coin comes in certifies its Mint State rate. These slabs are subject to light grinding marks, chips, and scuffs with normal wear on them. These marks do not at all hinder the Mint State of the coin assigned to it by NGC or PCGS and they do not devalue the slabbed coin in any way .

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