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decentralization is great for democratizing finance, but along with it comes massive fragmentation of the exploiter experience. Lunar believes it is time to re-centralize DeFi around the most authoritative function of the network : The exploiter. This begins with their DeFi lotion, Lunar, that aims to streamline the entire process of crypto and NFT trade into one intuitive interface ” .

One place for everything

Lunar replaces the 10+ seperate tools needed to trade and research crypto with a single platform that gives users near-instant access to the functionality they need. This includes :

  • Wallets & Wallet Aggregation
  • Token Trading
  • Price Charts & Token Information
  • Token Explorers
  • Automated Portfolio Tracking
  • Price Alerts
  • Watchlists
  • Reflections Tracking
  • Farming & Staking
  • NFT trading
  • And More

A fully interconnected system

Because every component within Lunar is amply interconnected, it unlocks features that users can ’ thymine suffer with freestanding systems. For example, users can pay for crypto from multiple wallets at once, and track their portfolio mechanically .

Dissolving the blockchain barrier with Plexus™

trading crypto across different blockchains is its own multi-step work that requires several seperate apps. The goal for Lunar ‘s Plexus™ technology is to allow users to trade about any cryptocurrency across different blockchains in a single chink. They plan to apply this same technology to non-fungible assets, allowing users to purchase NFTs using about any cryptocurrency across different blockchains .

Powered by the Lunar Token (LNR)

Lunar ‘s native keepsake, LNR, is central to facilitating automated cross-chain trades on the platform. The current keepsake economics of LNR are designed to reward holders by providing them with 3 % of LNR transactions in native reflections. LNR DEX Token Economics: 8 % full tax 2 % to holders in passive LNR reflections 5.5 % to growth ( market, development, burns, and buybacks ) 0.5 % to Lunar Crystal NFT holders

Lunar Crystals

lunar crystals are a collection of NFTs that unlock hide powers for users when plugged into the Lunar ecosystem. They besides generate passive LNR token reflections for holders. There are 8 different quartz glass types of varying rarities, each with their own singular perks and LNR reflection amounts .

The Leadership Team

Spaceman, Co-Founder & CEO Spaceman is a serial laminitis, product interior designer, and user experience adept who has built multi-million dollar businesses across multiple industries including FinTech. Mr. Moonshot, Co-Founder and COO Mr. Moonshot is a smart shrink developer, seller, and token growth strategist with deep feel in blockchain technology and crypto endow. Master Jedi, CTO MasterJedi is a software architect with over 20 years have building enterprise-grade apps for companies and governments. His open source influence across dozens of projects has over 500M downloads. Apollo, Head of Marketing Apollo is a multidisciplinary couturier, creative film director, and marketing technical with over a decade of experience build up brands and leading hyper-productive teams.

Sensei, Solutions Architect Sensei is an award-winning developer and software architect with over 25 years of know construction applications in both the secret and public sector. team member names are keep open private for guard. Lunar ‘s founders are KYC-verified through Dessert Finance. They besides host multiple AMAs each workweek and show their faces on television. Links :

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