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White Bordeaux with Food

Scottie Gregory explores 4 quality white Bordeaux wines that pair easily with a range of dishes and offer fabulous value for money. Even with white wines, the art of the blend in Bordeaux comes into play and here we see Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Semillon, Grenache Blanc, and Rolle (Vermentino) in various compositions. Enjoy!
Chateau Argadens Bordeaux Blanc
chateau argadens blanc bdx
Known as Salle five hundred ’ Argadens until 2002 when Sichel acquired it. Sichel set out to make it a Bordeaux Blanc that stood out from the crowd and this wine does fair that .
Made from 65 % Sauvignon Blanc and 35 % Semillon grapes .
once they have reached optimum maturity, the grapes are harvested by machine .
The Semillon grapes are pressed immediately, whereas the Sauvignon is vatted and undergo pre-fermentation maceration, under carbon paper dioxide gasoline to protect the must from oxidation. The Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon are assorted, fined and bottled in the first base months of the stick to year .
This is a full-bodied wine and pale chicken in discolor, clear and bright .
This was a wine that I shared with friends and the verdict was that it displayed apricot, grapefruit and lime on the nose, with a trace of nutmeg and white flower. On the palate a well as all of those flavours, we could detect lemon and tropical fruits. It was a subtly balanced wine with a long finish. We drank it with spicey quinoa cakes with a garlicky sweet pepper sauce which it matched well .
I think it would go well with sushi, but besides tuna wrapped in pancetta and sautéed or a smoked trout mousse. It would have enhanced the creamy chicken serve we had for the main course but by then bottle had been drained !
I think that it would besides have matched some hard cheeses such as Sussex Charmer ( think parmesan desegregate with cheddar ) or Gruyere or Old Winchester .
UK retailer : Tanners £13.50

Château de Seuil Graves Blanc 2018, Graves 
chateau de seuil graves blanc 2018
The Château Grand Seuil is made of 50 % Sauvignon Blanc ,40 % Rolle ( Vermentino ) and 10 % Grenache Blanc grapes that are grown on gravelly clay/ limestone, sustainably, at a stature of between 1000 and 1600m feet .
After pneumatic jam and vinification in fresh french barrels and stirring on the lees for five months, the wine is thinly filtered on the twelfth month and bottled. It then rests in the bottle for a minimum of six months .
Chateau de Seuil is bright amber in color and on the nose, I detected elderflower and brioche with an aromatic wind. On the palate, we detected Cantaloupe melon, smasher, elderflower, blackcurrant, gooseberry with a smoky complete. This is wine is beautifully balanced with good acidity to fruit .
It matched well the creamy chicken, mushroom and fennel casserole we had for our main naturally .
I think it would besides go well with creamy mollusk dishes such as the lobster, prawn and scallop and as with other Bordeaux white wines this would drink well with hard cheeses such as Lyburn, Old Amsterdam Gouda, or Lincolnshire Poacher .
UK retailer : Virgin Wines £14.99

Château Le Coin Sauvignon Gris 2020, Bordeaux Blanc
chateau le coin scallops
A mutation of Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris is richer and spicier than Sauvignon Blanc but with a citrus/ calcium hydroxide dynamism .
Chateau Le Coin Sauvignon Gris is the consequence of a collaboration between Ludovic Roussillon, owner of Chateau Le Coin and award-winning wine manufacturer, Jean-Marc Sauboua at the estate in Entre Deux Mers. The soils, on limestone, lend themselves to the production of a cover girl fruit volume in the wine. Old vines and a small helping of oak zymosis give even more impressiveness .
In the looking glass Chateau Le Coin is pale, green straw in color .
normally, this wine is made from a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris but in 2020 Jean-Marc Souboua was persuaded to produce a individual varietal from Sauvignon Gris and it has decidedly paid off .
On the nose are aromas of elderflower, calcium oxide, apricot and fennel. On the palate peach, elderflower, apricot, gamboge and birdlime. Long on the palate with a bend of fennel at the end .
This is a perfectly balanced wine with delectable fruits balancing the acidity but a deep butteryness adding to a great drink experience .
Chateau Le Coin would be a bang-up gulp wine for a Christmas Party but you could besides drink it with Mac n ’ cheese or luxury fish proto-indo european containing goosefish, scallops, salmon, smoked haddock, dill in a creamy sauce and topped with buttery celeriac mash. An improbable combination that I would never have entertained, but as my host served moussaka as a main class, we tried it with that and it was queerly enhancing for the spice and herb in the moussaka. Who would have thought a flannel wine would have matched minced lamb !
It is obvious that as another example of ashen Bordeaux this wine would go good with hard cheeses such as Comté .
This was voted the most popular offer by my wine buff friends from these four Bordeaux wines .
united kingdom Retail : £11.99 Laithwaites

Château de Rochemorin 2018, Pessac-Leognan 
chateau de rochemorin 2018 pessac leognan
Chateau de Rochemorin dates back to 1520 and until the early part of the last hundred was regarded as producing the best wines in Martillac. however, it was sold to foresters in 1919 and the farming was planted with trees, until Andre Lurton acquired it in 1973 when he set out to restore it to its former aura .
A great preach of this wine in the eighteenth hundred was Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu, the celebrated philosopher and generator of “ The Spirit of the Laws ”, who spent his childhood here .
It is made from 100 % Sauvignon Blanc grapes. In the glass the appearance is bright jaundiced in color with a green shade but turns a undimmed amber as it ages .
It has an elegant nose with olfactory property evocative of citrus, ( grapefruit/lemon ), egg white peach and acidity and fruit are subtly balanced with floral and more exotic notes. Peaches, apples, pears can be detected on the palate. partially barrel-fermented, and aged 10 months in oak, this classic Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc has the traditional grassy, citrus character, with a softer, lusher finish than most due to the gravelly territory of Pessac and the french oak. The smoky ending reflects the singular gravel terroir in Pessac-Léognan. Smooth to start off, it ends with a long sweep of freshness .
This would match well with asparagus, smoked salmon Gravadlax, Crab linguine or any mollusk, chicken or veal in a creamy sauce.

again, this wine would be a bang-up foil for hard cheeses such as Leyden with caraway and cumin seeds or Proosdij with its ripe pleasantness .
UK Retailer : Waitrose £17.99

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