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  • Mulberry: planting, cultivation and main species

    The mulberry is a very popular tree in the garden for its thick foliage, the cool shade it provides and also, for certain species, its fruits: blackberries. White mulberry, black mulberry and plane tree mulberry are the most common, and their maintenance is easy. Shade and fruit in the garden: the mulberry tree The mulberry […]

  • Berberis – barberry

    The berberis (or barberry) is a really trouble-free shrub, recommended for beginners. Covered with flowers in the spring, garnished with very decorative berries in the fall, its different varieties will find a suitable place in many hedges. Obsolete or persistent? Berberis are thorny shrubs, deciduous or evergreen. There are about 450 species, which belong to […]

  • Lilacs: presentation, planting and pruning

    What would spring mean if the scent of lilacs did not tickle our senses? Certainly on a day without sun… And since it finally deigns to make its appearance, it is high time to take an interest in these shrubs which, unlike swallows, make spring. The “French lilac” White, purple, blue, magenta, double, single lilacs […]

  • Arabette, Arabis: planting, cultivation and varieties

    The cress or silver basket is a remarkable carpet plant that forms cushions of flowers… effortlessly! Abundant and noticeable flowering in the spring for this excellent ground cover. Arabette or silver basket L’cress (of the genus arabis) belongs to the family of Brassicaceae or Cruciferae (the cabbage family). It is native to the mountainous regions […]

  • Cane of Provence, Arundo donax

    The cane of Provence is a plant of very easy culture which brings a touch of nature to the garden. Reminiscent of the wild landscapes of the Camargue, the very sight of this large grass gives rise to a feeling of freedom. Arundo donax, a giant grass Provencal cane (Arundo donax) is a fast-growing perennial […]

  • Okra: sow this hibiscus with edible fruits

    Okra, or okra, is an exotic vegetable-fruit that comes from Africa, but which can, despite everything, be grown in France… if you live in the South or if you have a greenhouse! Okra: a hibiscus with edible fruits the okra (Hibiscus esculentus L or Abelmoschus esculentus), belonging to the Malvaceae family, is a hibiscus whose […]

  • Cafres lily, Schizostylis coccinea: planting, growing, caring

    Magnificent floral herb of the Iridaceae family, such as gladioli and irises, the Cafres Lily is the perfect plant for wet gardens and the edges of ponds… The Cafres lily, a beautiful scarlet gladiolus the Lily of the Cafres, also called “scarlet gladiolus”, Schizostylis coccinea Where Hesperantha coccinea of its little Latin names, is a […]

  • Yuzu, Citrus juno: cultivation and maintenance

    The yuzu, with its particular taste, has been conquering kitchens for several years now, but few gardens. However, this hardy citrus can be grown in a container or in the ground without too much difficulty. Yuzu, the flagship citrus fruit of Japanese cuisine Very popular in Japan, the yuzu (Citrus juno) is a little-known citrus […]

  • Flowering verbenas: planting and care tips

    Flowering verbenas: planting and care tips

    Hybrid verbenas are summer-flowering plants that are very popular in the garden for the abundance of very colorful flowers they offer throughout the season, in the ground or in pots. Easygoing and floriferous, who says better? Garden verbena or hybrid verbena, Verbena x hybrida, is a perennial plant usually grown as an annual. Very floriferous, […]

  • Maclura pomifera, Osage orange tree: planting, growing

    The Osage orange tree, which is citrus in name only, is a tree of the Moraceae family, little known in France, used as an isolated subject by collectors or as a defensive hedge… Maclura pomifera, a large thorny tree L’Osage orange tree (Maclura pomifera), also called thorny maclure or “bowwood”, is a thorny tree native […]

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