23 Weird, Gimmicky, Straight-Up Silly Cryptocurrencies

Thanks to the volatile price of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are enjoying a frantic here and now in the sun as the market swings wildly on a daily basis .
The coins with the highest marketplace cap ( Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and others ) deservedly get the most attention, but there are blockchain -based digital tokens for just about everything. While there are enough of cryptocurrencies out there with palpable utility and unique respect, in this floor we salute the dregs : the weirdest, wackiest, and most farcical coins that have popped up over the past several years .
Fans of CryptoKitties— the Beanie Babies of blockchain —are entirely just realizing the frivolous wonders to behold within decentralized networks, but the cryptocurrency landscape is already littered with the ghosts of hundreds of dead coins ( Opens in a new window ) that were excessively niche, excessively dumb, or blatant scams. The Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations website lists more than 1,500 active coins ( Opens in a new window ), but the further down the list you go, the more obscure they get .
Below are 23 of the most out-of-the-box and straight-up bizarre cryptocurrencies we ‘ve seen ( indeed far ). ethical mention to some defunct and truly vaporware entries like Fonziecoin ( Opens in a new window ) ( FONZ ), Selfiecoin ( Opens in a newly window ), Pizzacoin ( Opens in a fresh window ), and the doomed 2016 President Johnson ( Opens in a new window ) mint ( GARY ), which are still technically listed but do not seem to be active.


1. Dogecoin

Let ‘s start with the master weird cryptocurrency : Dogecoin

(Opens in a new window)

. The meme

(Opens in a new window)

-turned-cryptocurrency has been about since late 2013, developing a passionate on-line community on sites like Reddit around the compare of the celebrated Shiba Inu chase. Dogecoin has pulled some stunts—like sponsoring Olympic athletes and NASCAR drivers—but has somehow managed to stay relevant and distillery sits on a goodly marketplace cap of more than $ 650 million as of December 2017. much mint, very currentness .

2. KodakCoin

The latest party to wade into the cryptocurrency distance in pathetic manner is Kodak. The venerable camera company announced KodakCoin at CES in January to manage digital double rights and to pay photographers for persona custom. The television camera maker tied announced a new Kodak KashMiner mining rig to go with it. KodakCoin was a reach to begin with, and the company has already delayed its initial coin offer ( ICO ) to verify potential investors. however the saga plays out, KodakCoin deserves a spot on this list .

3. Venezuelan Petro

The most recent newcomer on our number is the “ Petro, ” a new cryptocurrency announced

(Opens in a new window)

by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The embattled drawing card said the mint would be backed by anoint, gas, amber, and diamond reserves to prop up the country ‘s struggling, sanction-laden economy. Maduro gave no details as to when the coins would be rolled out or how precisely the Petro would fit into the current monetary and cryptocurrency landscapes. The Petro is actually ­not the first digital currentness to emerge from Venezuela, however. That distinction goes to Bolivarcoin

(Opens in a new window)

5. DentaCoin

The only cryptocurrencies by dentists, for dentists. Dentacoin

(Opens in a new window)

is a digital keepsake and blockchain network for the dental industry to help dentists and patients share data and medical records, barter products and materials, and flush pay for procedures. Anti-dentites are not welcome .

7. PutinCoin and Putin Classic

Since President Trump has his own mint, you know russian president Vladimir Putin has some, excessively. Putin actually has more than one : PutinCoin

(Opens in a new window)

was “ created to pay tribute to the people and the president of the united states of one of the largest and greatest country in the earth : russia ! ” There ‘s besides PutinClassic

(Opens in a new window)

, which is marketed as a “ digital keepsake ” to commemorate the leader. Buy five PutinCoins to get a limited-edition figurine of shirtless Putin on a horse ! Enjoy the fantastic knock song above extolling the many virtues of glorious PutinCoin .

8. Coinye

This doomed cryptocurrency was sued into oblivion

(Opens in a new window)

by Kanye West ‘s lawyers, but will always hold a especial invest in our hearts. You shined bright like a baseball diamond for a few blissful months back in 2014 .

9. Whoppercoin

entirely in Russia can you find a cryptocurrency lone for buying Burger King Whoppers. last year, Burger King Russia announced

(Opens in a new window)

the Whoppercoin first step … basically a blockchain-based rewards plan. Customers rack up one Whoppercoin for each ruble they spend, and those who accrue 1,700 Whoppercoins get a free hamburger. What a great deal !

11. Unobtanium

Mined on the fictional moons of Pandora and used to help Aaron Eckhart make it all the way to The Core, Unobtanium is—according to the cryptocurrency ‘s web site

(Opens in a new window)

— ” the platinum to Bitcoin ‘s gold…a single piece of digital rock made up of a singular cryptanalytic material…a new component. ” The cute metallic of cryptocurrencies is designed to be rare. only 250,000 Uno coins will ever be mined over the adjacent 300 years .

12. The Cypherfunks

Have you always wished your front-runner internet band was besides a digital currency ? Well you ‘re in fortune ! The Cypherfunks

(Opens in a new window)

are a decentralized community of musicians using FUNK coins to support their collective musical dreams. They need the funk. They ‘ve got ta have that flinch .

14. Useless Ethereum Token

Yep, the UET logo is most decidedly flipping you the dame. Useless Ethereum Token

(Opens in a new window)

is precisely what it sounds like : a first-of-its-kind initial coin offer ( ICO ) that transparently offers investors absolutely no value. Do n’t good take it from me. The web site states : “ You ‘re going to give some random person on the internet money, and they ‘re going to take it and go buy stuff with it. probably electronics, to be honest. possibly even a big-screen television. seriously, do n’t buy these tokens. ”

15. Fuzzballs

Want a great endow for your future party ? Buy some Fuzzballs

(Opens in a new window)

! This coin is intended for endow and parties, or you can buy knickknacks from the FUZZ patronize like keychains and bottle openers. Have a better idea for what to do with Fuzzballs ? Let the creators know. The site states : “ Ideas for giving the coin some more actual use are always welcome. ”

16. Cthulhu Offerings

praise be to Cthulhu, O ‘ bang-up Lovecraft-ian cosmic sea animal. Cthulhu Offerings ( Opens in a new window ) is one of the strangest cryptocurrencies I found, which seems to be a religion based around the fabled elephantine octopus where the coins are part of a ritual sacrifice. From the web site : “ As the equinox approaches we begin the ritual ; four weeks and five days retentive it builds until Cthulhu awakens and one worshiper is rewarded greatly…During the last five days, the ‘Tharanak shagg, ‘ or “ promise of never-never land, ” the ritual reaches final pitch and the daily special blocks are highly increased. last Cthulhu will return after the xxx665th extend has paid tribute to the Great Old One and he will bestow a bounty deserve of Him upon one lucky worshiper. ” All hail Cthulhu .

23. Fuck Token

I could explain what Fuck Tokens

(Opens in a new window)

are and how this “ finally functional Crypto Karma ” works, but honestly this video is such a regale that you should fair watch and find out for yourself. here at the end of this very silly article, I have no more fucks to give .

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