📈 Dogelon Mars Price Prediction: How High Will Dogelon Mars Coin Go?

Dogelon Mars is a meme token project inspired by the success of dog-tokens such as Dogecoin, Floki Inu, and Shiba Inu, and Elon Musk is a big athletic supporter of those. It is expressed in the made-up name that combines Dogecoin and Elon. The reference to Mars is related to the celebrated moon meme and partially to Musk ‘s purpose to build a starship that can reach the crimson planet. technically Dogelon is the branch of Dogecoin. The project is based not on the utility, but on the concept and theme. It got recognition quite fast and gained over 650 000 chitter followers and over 90 000 followers on Telegram. It claims to be the first interplanetary mint and besides aims to undo the unvoiced solve made by frauds, schemers, and other bad actors that affected the cryptocurrency world. The stick out was founded in 2021 by an anonymous team of developers. Despite many concerns about the nature of the project and the advice to investors to avoid putting their money in it, to avoid being rug-pulled or scammed, Dogelon has been on the marketplace for about a class reducing the find for the nominal to appear as a victimize. furthermore, there were airdrops of ELON coins to those members of the residential district that experienced rug-pulling.

In the project description of Dogelon there is a humorous amusing about the adventures of a aplomb dog that came to Earth from the Mars of the future and explored the mysteries of the galax on his means. He meets friends along the way, and the stories about their adventures are published on the official web site. According to the narrative, humans are besides evolving into a multi-planetary species, so the Dogelon residential district is looking for opportunities to collaborate in the missions in extending human liveliness.

interestingly, there is not even a road map for the project, alternatively, the team rolled out the Dogelon venture plan in the amusing. He dreams of recolonizing Mars by 2420 and later fighting with the annihilators. Taking it as a metaphor members of the community suggested that colonization of Mars will be the list of the Dogelon nominal on the biggest exchanges and the market volatility is an annihilator to fight against. ELON is the ERC-20 token on Polygon and Ethereum blockchains. The total add of the ELON nominal is 1 quadrillion, one-half of which was allocated to the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, who was trusted to be the condom grant of the asset, just as it happened with Shiba Inu. The remaining provide is held in the liquidity pool and the current circulate supply is 553 billion ELON .

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