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Series of U.S. coins

America the Beautiful quarter
United States
Value 0.25 U.S. Dollar
Mass 6.25(Ag); 5.67 (Cu-Ni) g
Diameter 24.26 mm (0.955 in)
Thickness 1.75 mm (0.069 in)
Edge 119 reeds
Composition 91.67% Cu 8.33% Ni (standard)
90% Ag 10% Cu (2010–2018 silver proof)
99.9% Ag (2019–2021 silver proof)
Years of minting 2010–2021
Mint marks P, D, S, W
Design George Washington
Designer John Flanagan from a 1786 bust by Houdon
Design date 2010
Design various; five designs per year (latest shown)
Designer various
Design date 2010–2021

The America the Beautiful quarters ( sometimes abbreviated ATB quarters ) were a series of 56 25-cent pieces ( quarters ) issued by the United States Mint, which began in 2010 and lasted until 2021. [ 1 ] The obverse ( front ) of all the coins depicts George Washington in a change version of the portrayal used for the original 1932 Washington stern. [ 2 ] There were five new revoke ( back ) designs each class ( one in 2021 ), each commemorating a national natural or historic locate such as national parks, national historic site, or national forests – one from each department of state, the union zone, and each territory. The plan was authorized by the America ‘s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008 ( Pub.L. 110–456 ( text ) ( PDF ).

Coin designs [edit ]

Quarters were issued with change by reversal designs commemorating national parks and sites in the rate of which that park or web site was deemed a national site. [ 3 ] The quarters from three states depict parks or sites that were previously portrayed on the state quarters ( Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yosemite in California, and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota ). While they depict the lapp sites, they bear new designs. [ 3 ]

Privy mark [edit ]

obverse of a 2020 America the Beautiful quarter from the West Point Mint featuring the V75 toilet score In 2020, the obverses of the quarters struck at West Point besides include a privy distinguish. The privy design features the textbook “ V75 ”, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II inside an sketch of the Rainbow Pool at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. [ 4 ]

batch marks [edit ]

Over the course of the series, four mint marks were used on the America the Beautiful quarters. Quarters produced at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints feature the P and D batch marks respectively. In 2010 and 2011, the San Francisco Mint ( S mint cross off ) produced quarters entirely for the annual Proof Set. In 2012, San Francisco started producing America the Beautiful quarters in the standard circulation ending of the P and D quarters for sale to collectors. [ 5 ] On April 2, 2019, the United States Mint announced that the West Point Mint would release 10,000,000 quarters ( 2,000,000 of each design released that class ) with the “ W ” mint score. [ 6 ] This was the inaugural time the mint score appeared on a circulate coin. The quarters were shuffle into uncirculated bags and rolls of the quarters to stimulate public interest in coin collect .

list of designs [edit ]

Site dislocation [edit ]

Of the 56 designs there are

mintage details [edit ]

Beginning with the El Yunque ( Puerto Rico ) plan in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, the U.S. Mint began selling ( at a premium ) uncirculated 40-coin rolls and 100-coin bags of quarters with the San Francisco mint check. [ 20 ] These coins were not included in the 2012 uncirculated sets or the three-coin ATB quarter sets ( which consisted of an uncirculated “ P ” and “ D ” and proof “ S ” specimen ) and no “ S ” mint-marked quarters are being released into circulation, so that mintages will be determined entirely by direct need for the “ S ” mint-marked coins. As of January 2013 initial United States Mint sales figures indicated that between 1.3 million and 1.6 million of each 2012 design had been struck at the San Francisco batch, close to the announced coinage of 1.4 million for each design. lead U.S. Mint sale of rolls and bags of uncirculated business strike coins continued with the 2013 America the Beautiful quarter issues, with actual quantities again to be determined by customer orders. The mintages of the uncirculated “ S ” quarters are well lower than that of the “ P ” and “ D ” mint-marked coins, and are comparable to the 1996-W Roosevelt Dime ( besides not issued for circulation ), which sells in the region of $ 20 each in an average mark. As of 2019, uncirculated “ S ” quarters can be obtained from dealers for about three-four times their face value. In 2019 the Mint began to release “ W ” mintmarked quarters produced at the West Point Mint. Two million of each of the year ‘s five issues, mix in bags with the common “ P ” and “ D ” coins, were scheduled for distribution at diverse major cities. Intended to increase interest in mint collection, these products are not available by order from the Mint. [ 21 ] besides luminary are the 2010 satin stopping point quarters issued entirely in 2010 mint sets with a abject mintage of 583,897, and proof and flatware proofread issues, some with mintages about a low as the 2010 satin coating quarters.

There are collector versions of the America the Beautiful 5 ounce Silver Bullion Coin Program which debuted on December 10, 2010. They feature an uncirculated finish and contain a ‘ P ’ mintmark indicating they were struck at the US Mint ‘s facility in Philadelphia. The bullion coins were besides struck in Philadelphia but contain no mintmark. The United States Mint struck these coins late in 2010 with an extremely limited mintage of only 27,000. The Mint obviously had insufficient clock time to strike more before the end of the year owing to initial production difficulties with both America the Beautiful Five Ounce Coin series. This forced the Mint to only release these Hot Springs Coins the follow year on April 28, 2011. demand was intense in the beginning hours of handiness with collectors ordering 19,000 of them in the first nine hours. Within two weeks, the Mint indicated a sell-out of the limited mintage strikes. Each coin ‘s price is determined by the stream value of silver and the 2010 issues sold for $ 279.95. many subsequent issues have flush lower mintages and higher secondary marketplace values. These 5 oz. silver quarters are the “ bad Boys ” stern collection and due to their broken mintage, have increased their value over write out price, even in the face of declining silver prices .

consequence [edit ]

The 2008 legislation gave the Treasury Secretary the option of ordering a second round of 56 national parks quarters by 2018, but Steven Mnuchin did not do thus. According to the legislation, once the America the Beautiful Quarters Program ended in 2021, the obverse of the quarter reverted to the original Flanagan design used from 1932 until the beginning of the 50 State Quarter Program. however, the inverse was redesigned to feature General Washington crossing the Delaware River, the like theme that was used on the 1999 New Jersey quarter. [ 1 ] The new draw was released on April 5, 2021, and was minted for the rest of the year. With the passage of the Circulating Collectible Coin Redesign Act of 2020 ( Pub.L. 116–330 ( text ) ( PDF ), the course of study will be succeeded by the american Women quarters from 2022 to 2025, a series commemorating the United States Semiquincentennial in 2026, and a series depicting young person sports from 2027 to 2030. [ 22 ]

year map [edit ]

The following map shows the years in which the selected National Park or site in each jurisdiction was honored.
National park quarters map.svg

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