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Custom Coins

Coins custom made by Regency Mint reflects high-quality craft. Custom coins are the perfect token to add rate to your event, show appreciation to employees or business clients, or celebrate a special occasion. In a world full of cheap products and replaceable “ keepsakes ”, it ’ s time we return to an era where integrity and ingenuity guided our leverage decision. Coins are a tested and proved icon of collectability and worth. Creating custom coins is not limited to government and sovereign mints, which means you can now create beautiful custom coins of your own .

Custom Finishes

Regency Mint offers a wide variety of finishes as a customs coin godhead, so you can get the perfect coin based on your exact needs. Our finish options are :

  • Mirror (Proof Like) – Proof-like is our highest quality grade. The mirror finish leaves the coin with a brilliant, shiny look. The background is smooth enough to see your reflection and the raised letters and words are frosted. This contrast causes the design to really stand out, making this an ideal finish for prestigious awards and gifts.
  • Dull Mint Luster (Middle Grade) – This is a mid-grade finish which provides a higher contrast shine than bullion grade at a better price than proof-like. The combination of a high polished die with a tumbled blank gives a result in-between Bullion & Proof-like with a dull mint luster.
  • Frosted (Bullion Grade) – Bullion Grade is our most cost-effective finish. It features a matte appearance that does not smudge as easily as the other finishes. For that reason, it is great for pieces that are likely to be handled a lot like business coins, tokens, or key chains.

Design Process

Regency Mint is a proved craftsman in producing custom-made minted coins, medallions, and military challenge coins. We take your ideas and designs and help you create something that will last through the ages. Our entire design march is built around you. We begin with your idea—a cartoon, a picture, or just a description of what you are hoping to get from a custom-made mint maker. future, our adept artists render a sample distribution of your design based on your estimate. We ’ ll send you the digital sample distribution for review and give you the chance to make any changes or modifications. We can besides work with you to get a physical sample if necessary. finally, we create your custom coins by bridge player, inspecting every coin to ensure the highest choice before sending it to you.

What Sets Regency Mint Apart

We work with a variety of metals including cute and base metals, depending on your specific undertaking. We provide minting solutions for high-end esteemed custom coins, along with those projects that require a rigorous budget. We are a true customs mint godhead, which means that every project starts from scratch with your ideas, and our experience artisans bring them to liveliness. You can get everything from high-volume orders to person medallions, and our fast turnaround times and competitive pricing serve you meet all your deadlines and budgetary constraints .
For years we have been an adept in our field, and our goal is to become your favored mint. See what our customers have to say about our work by reading our reviews. Please contact us below to see how we can produce high-quality coins custom made to fit your needs :

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