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Coin of the Realm
Coin of the Realm.jpg
Cost $2
Type(s) Treasure – Reserve
Kingdom card? Yes
Set AdventuresAdventures icon.png
Illustrator(s) Ryan Laukat
Card text
Put this on your Tavern mat.
After you play an Action card, you may call this, for +2 Actions.

Coin of the Realm is a treasure – Reserve batting order from. It functions as a village that waits until the moment you need it : while it ‘s equivalent to a on play, it can be called from your Tavern mat subsequently to give you +2 Actions. Unlike most villages, Coin of the Realm ‘s consequence is delayed : it normally ca n’t increase your terminal space on the turn when you play it, since you typically play it in the Buy phase but need the extra Actions in your Action phase .


official FAQ

  • This is a Treasure worth $1
  • You play it in your Buy phase, like other Treasures.
  • When you play it, it goes on your Tavern mat. It produces $1
  • You can call it after resolving playing an Action card, for +2 Actions (which will let you play further Action cards).
  • Move the Coin of the Realm into play when you call it, but it does not make $1
  • It is discarded that turn with your other cards in play.

other rules clarifications

  • You can call Coin of the Realm if you play Actions outside of your Action phase (e.g. playing a card with , or playing a at Night, or playing a on another player’s turn), but you don’t get to use the +2 Actions to play Actions from your hand.
  • If you play this with an Action card (such as or ), you may immediately after resolving that Action call this for +2 Actions.
  • Unlike , if the Action you played is no longer in play (e.g. because it was a Reserve card that went onto your Tavern mat), you can still call this.


Coin of the Realm is a Reserve Treasure that acts as a bum and identical flexible village, roughly comparable to two Villagers per play. Since it generates alone equally much $ as a, its basal character is not as warhead, but ( unusually for a gem ) to provide terminal outer space and dependability. Compared to most early villages, Coin of the Realm has a few distinguish factors :

  1. First and foremost, Coin of the Realm operates on a delay: since it’s usually impossible to play it during your Action phase, you instead need to play enough Coins during each Buy phase to fulfill your terminal space needs for the next turn. This means you need to have gained them even earlier. It also means that an unlucky turn in which you fail to draw enough Coins can make your next turn significantly worse too. Additionally, you will often want twice as many total copies as the number you need to call each turn; by calling one Coin and playing another (setting it up for next turn), you maintain a constant amount of terminal space. Effects that allow you to play and call the same copy in the same turn (e.g. , , and ), reduce this need for pairs of Coins.
  2. On the other hand, being able to call it whenever you need terminal space means that Coin of the Realm is very good for reliability. An engine with a more typical village can still often be improved by adding a couple Coins, which will help you avoid dud turns when your starting hand contains terminal draw without a village. Additionally, unlike other villages which are somewhat reliant on your deck control to ensure they collide with your terminals, Coin simply needs to be played before those terminals themselves collide. This means that it can be relatively more effective in decks that do not have much deck control, for example money strategies or early-game decks.
  3. As a Treasure, Coin of the Realm consumes no terminal space when played. This means it cannot be drawn dead, and that a single copy provides as much terminal space as two plays. One downside is that Coin is a stop card, so you’ll need slightly more draw than you would with another village.
  4. Because of the above properties, the best time to add Coins to your deck differs from other villages. In the opening and early game it is similar to a , slowing down your cycling without significantly helping you hit price points. However, because it is cheap and you need to account for its delayed nature, it can be a good idea to gain it when the opportunity cost is low and play it to set it up for future turns. Later in the game, sources of +Buy will help keep that opportunity cost low while building.

Although Coin of the Realm ‘s $1 is normally best think of as a bonus and not the main reason to gain it, leaving Coins on your tavern mat does slightly reduce the amount of warhead you will have available adjacent turn. This needs to be taken into circumstance when you ‘re deciding how much cargo you need to add, and in rare cases it may be a good motion to call a Coin even when you do n’t need the +Actions in order to increase your full warhead for following turn .

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english versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
Coin of the Realm Coin of the Realm from Goko/Making Fun $1
When you play this, put it on your Tavern mat.Directly after resolving an Action, you may call this, for +2 Actions.
Adventures April 2015
Coin of the Realm Coin of the Realm from Shuffle iT $1
When you play this, put it on your Tavern mat.Directly after you finish playing an Action card, you may call this, for +2 Actions.
Adventures (2016 printing) August 2017
Put this on your Tavern mat.After you play an Action card, you may call this, for +2 Actions.
Adventures (2021 printing)

other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text Notes
Dutch Koninklijke munt
(lit. royal coin)
Finnish Kuninkaallinen raha
(lit. royal coin)
French Monnaie Royale
(lit. royal coin)
French language Coin of the Realm 2021 from Shuffle iT $1
Quand vous jouez cette carte, placez-la sur votre plateau Taverne.Immédiatement après avoir fini de jouer une carte Action, vous pouvez recourir à cette carte pour +2 Actions.
German Königliche Münzen
(lit. royal coins)
German language Coin of the Realm 2015 by ASS German language Coin of the Realm 2021 from Shuffle iT $1
Wenn du diese Karte ausspielst, lege sie auf dein Wirtshaustableau.Sofort nachdem du eine Aktionskarte ausgeführt hast, darfst du diese Karte von deinem Tableau aufrufen. Wenn du das tust: +2 Aktionen
Königliche Münzen
(lit. royal coins)
German language Coin of the Realm 2022 from Shuffle iT $1
Lege diese Karte auf dein Wirtshaustableau.Nachdem du eine Aktionskarte gespielt hast, darfst du diese Karte für +2 Aktionen aufrufen.
(Nachdruck 2021)
Japanese 法貨
(pron. hōka)
これをあなたの酒場マットの上ロ置くアクションカード1枚の使用を解決した直後、+2 アクションを得るためにこれを呼び出してもよい。
Polish Moneta obiegowa Although Polish version is not released,
this card is referred to in the Polish version of Empires rulebook
Russian Королевская Монета
(pron. korolyevskaya monyeta, lit. royal coin)


official poster art.


$1Donald X. Vaccarino, Adventures Previews #2 – Guide, Duplicate, Coin of the Realm Coin of the Realm is a wyrd one. When you play it it makesand goes on your felt. On some future turn, you call it to get to play more Actions. So it ‘s a village that you ca n’t ( normally ) use the turn you play it. And it ‘s a greenwich village that just waits until you need it. You draw your two together, play one, call the Coin, and play the early one. You can besides use Hero to gain a Coin. Will the other Reserve cards all be combos with Hero ? * checks… * No. not all of them .

mysterious history

Donald X. Vaccarino, The Secret History of Dominion: Adventures One of the foremost Reserve cards was the classical concept of a that ‘s there for you when you actually need it. At first it was an Action. The track was kind of catchy, and at the same fourth dimension it was slippery getting it to a effective station relative to Village and. chatty playtester Matthew Engel suggested making it a gem. It ‘s nicely distinct from other villages, and the track is not bad – while you do need to remember if you put it on the mat this turn in your Buy phase, that ‘s barely for the amount of time between putting it down and buying a wag. This besides makes it a strange alien card ; it ‘s a village that does n’t work the turn you play it ( barring certain jazz band ).

Donald X. ‘s opinion

Donald X. Vaccarino, Let’s Discuss Adventures Cards: Coin of the Realm Coin of the Realm is identical cool. It ‘s not always the best village on the table ; it ‘s not capital to have to draw it as a Copper. But it ‘s a antic village when you equitable need a little villaging and are n’t drawing your deck. And of course it ‘s always nice to have that insurance, tied with other villages doing your main villaging. It was an Action primitively, and LF suggested making it a prize. That means it ‘s never * dead, which is besides aplomb .

similarity to Villagers

Donald X. Vaccarino, Renaissance Previews #2: Acting Troupe, Sculptor, Recruiter possibly what you ‘re looking for is : I was n’t going to let Coin of the Realm stop me from doing a adept machinist. If Reserve cards had come in a late expansion than Villagers, Coin of the Realm would n’t have been so compel to do, in the same way that there is n’t a Reserve card that ‘s like Coffers tokens.

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Category : COIN

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