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Coin Drop!
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Developer(s) Full Fat
Platform(s) iOS
Release April 19, 2011
Genre(s) Puzzle game
Mode(s) Single-player

Coin Drop! is an io game developed by Full Fat and released on April 19, 2011 .

critical reception [edit ]

The game received about universal joint critical acclaim, garnering a Metacritic rat of 89 %, based on 14 critic reviews. [ 1 ]

TouchArcade wrote “ It ‘s easy to pick up, slowly to put down, easy to resume, and a blast to play wherever. But more important than its breeziness, Coin Drop rocks. ” [ 2 ] AppGamer said “ Coin Drop is our raw favorite action puzzle game and I can see this game taking pride of stead on my iPad for a long time to come. It has equitable the properly level of airheaded day-glo display, coupled with a bang-up physics engine and addictive gameplay. ” [ 3 ] AppSmile wrote “ Featuring Peggle -like gameplay mix with a kind of alternate collection bonuses, Coin Drop creates a compelling case for a swift ascent up the app store charts. ” [ 4 ] AppSpy wrote “ Comparisons aside, Coin Drop ! is a playfulness game to play and watch while remaining addictive adequate to keep you coming back for more ; equitable the right blend for gamers on the go. ” [ 5 ]

SlideToPlay said “ Coin Drop is a gorgeous game that ‘s a perfect suit on the iPhone. ” [ 6 ] The Av Club wrote “ While the game resembles Peggle in that it ‘s besides clearly inspired by pachinko, levels of Coin Drop ! are more complex than anything in PopCap ‘s plot. ” [ 7 ] MEGamers said “ Coin Drop may take inhalation from Peggle but it ‘s far off from a cut-paste job. At $ 0.99, Full Fat ‘s platformer is a playfulness little game that will bring smile on anyone ‘s face, and should not be missed. ” [ 8 ] Gamezebo wrote “ Coin Drop may seem pretty bare at first base, but it ‘s a blast and will keep most players entertained for quite some time. ” [ 9 ] TouchGen said “ Coin Drop ! is one of those casual games that you got to have on your io device. Alongside Peggle, Tiny Wings and Cut the Rope it is both a perfect five moment game, and a bang-up four hour marathon game. ” [ 10 ] Destructoid wrote “ The mix of the artwork style, the level of polish throughout the game, and the highly addictive gameplay turn Coin Drop into a must-have for players of all ages. It takes some elements from Peggle and adds a short ton of newly elements into the mix, turning it into a casual orgy of color and sweet highscore lecherousness. ” [ 11 ] wrote “ Coin Drop delivers draw of fun, creating a unique blend of ability and fortune, mixed in a game that looks a bit like Peggle. But who cares ? With such brilliant gameplay and a capital presentation, Coin Drop actually stands out in the App Store as a great arcade game for everyone. ” [ 12 ] PocketGamer UK wrote “ Putting a new spin on a combination of Pachinko and Peggle, Full Fat ‘s Coin Drop is a bright, blowy, and enjoyable arcade game mixing elements of fortune and skill. ” [ 13 ] 148Apps said “ The gameplay is perfectly suited for those ADD moments in life when you want to play a game or entertain yourself for a few minutes while you ‘re waiting to do something else. This is a fun, comfortable to play game that about anyone can enjoy. ” [ 14 ] Eurogamer wrote “ Yes, merely to add an even greater degree of random nonsense, you can shake the device to jog the mint a short, and therefore give you a opportunity to influence its guidance. once you start employing this tactic, of naturally, you ca n’t bloody well stop, and indeed spend most of the game spasming like a drink with an involuntary tic. ” [ 15 ]

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