Coin Scale Review: What’s The Best Scale For Weighing Coins? Why Do You Need To Weigh Coins Anyway?

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Trying to find the best scale for weighing coins ? Not sure which coin scale to use? As a coin collector for many years, I can attest to the fact that a coin scale is essential in coin collect.

Why ? Because you need to weigh coins to determine if what you have is authentic, fake, or perhaps even a rare error coin! Before you buy a coin weight scale, be sure to read our coin scale review below first. then, if you have any questions about coin scales, ask away in the gossip below ! You want to have all of your questions about coin scales answered first. That direction, you can be certain to get the right one for your needs .

Why Is Having A Coin Scale Important?

A mint system of weights scale is an significant cock for coin collectors. It ’ sulfur equitable equally necessity as coin magnifiers, coin books, and other mint collecting supplies.

A lot of people make the mistake of weighing coins on a kitchen scale or a postage scale — because that ’ s what they have already. ( Or because they can easily find a food scale at the grocery storehouse. ) But food scales and postage scales generally only provide weight readouts in whole grams, and this can lead to some highly mislead results for coin collectors. particularly when you know that a rare variant of a certain coin may weigh a particular amount. besides frequently, folks using these wholly gram scales think they have struck it rich — entirely to find out that their scale rounded up or down to the nearest whole number, resulting in a false positive. Talk about a disappointment ! unfortunately for collectors using the wrong scales, many coins have a rare version counterpart ( possibly an off-metal error or a certain covet variety ) that weighs under 0.5 grams — either more or less — than its common counterpart. The typical household food or postage scale will not be able to detect this minor but important difference! needle to say, this leaves many aspirant collectors quite disappointed when they find out the coin they thought was rare is, in fact, common — as revealed by a more accurate recitation of its system of weights using a mint scale. Some of the valuable and rare coins that need to be weighed on scales that detect differences of less than a gram to tell them apart from their common counterparts include:

NOTE: The best coin scale provides readouts in increments of at least 0.1 grams (that’s one-10th of a gram). Or, even better… 0.10 grams (one-100th of a gram). This will eliminate the possibility of simple rounding readouts causing confusion over what a coin’s weight is.

The Best Scale For Weighing Coins

possibly you ’ rhenium looking for mint scale reviews and aren ’ metric ton sure which ones are accurate or most helpful to you… I ’ ve tested a lot of coin scales over my years as a mint collector — and I’ve found one that works well and is also inexpensive, easy to use, and accurate enough to weigh coins!

In my opinion, the best digital coin scale is the Weigh Gram Scale digital pocket scale. This scale, marketed as a kitchen scale, food scale, and jewelry scale, has a weight restrict of 100 grams and measures in increments of 0.01 grams — perfect for the coin collector who needs to weigh coins.

What ’ s more, this lightweight scale folds conveniently into a small size about the size as a deck of playing cards — so you can easily carry it anywhere you need to. The Weigh Gram digital pocket mint scale runs on 2 AAA batteries. It besides has a backlit display that can be easily read in darkness … and in day. I’ve had this scale for about 5 years now, and it still works like a charm — so it ’ s decidedly testify reliable. While it ’ south portable, convenient, reliable, and accurate, the Weigh Gram mint scale is besides affordable.

The Weigh Gram digital pocket coin scale can be purchased on Amazon for less than $15.

  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Reliable
  • Accurate

Buy Now

How To Weigh Coins On A Scale

It ’ s not hard to learn how to weigh coins on a scale.

Most digital coin scales just require you to turn the scale on and then carefully place the coin on the weighing pan. The automatic readout typically appears instantaneously ! While many times you ’ ll be weighing a coin raw ( without it being in a container ), the majority of nice digital scales such as the one I ’ ve reviewed above will allow you to compensate for tare ( the system of weights of any box, and so forth, that contains the item you wish to weigh ). Your coin scale should come with instructions on how to account for tare so you can get an accurate burden for the items you ’ ra weighing.

It ’ sulfur significant to weigh your coins on a solid surface that won’t shake or vibrate while you’re using it. tied the slightest movements while weighing coins can render false readings, and that ’ s not what you want when you ’ re trying to determine if you have a 1965 silver dime bag mistake worth $ 4,000 or a regular copper-nickel 1965 dime bag deserving just 10 cents !

besides, be certain to use your coin scale in moderate temperatures and in a low-humidity setting. temperature extremes and moisture can cause your coin plate to work improperly — and may even permanently damage it .

How To Calibrate A Digital Coin Scale

Digital coin scales are medium items — and sometimes humidity, temperature, and even certain kinds of lighting can adversely affect a scale ’ randomness accuracy. This is why you might want to calibrate your coin scale before each use to ensure it ’ randomness giving you the chastise slant. Want to see how to calibrate a digital mint scale like the one I ’ ve reviewed in this article ? Check out this video:

How To Clean And Care For A Digital Coin Scale

I keep my digital mint scale in a cool, dry place in my home office — near where I keep a bunch of my early electronics. I keep it handy, so whenever I need to weigh coins it ’ mho easy to get to.

I change the batteries in the coin scale every so often to ensure that it ’ south in proper working regulate when I need to use it. I besides make sure to close the scale’s clamshell case after each use. This helps keep dust, moisture, and other foreign matter out. A digital scale is not waterproof, thus here ’ mho the best way to clean it:

  1. Wipe the scale and the pan using a soft, damp cloth (water only).
  2. To ensure a sanitary surface, you can add a little bit of dish soap to the damp cloth — then wipe dry with a clean cloth afterward.

The Bottom Line

A mint scale is a low-maintenance coin collecting tool that you will come to use regularly. If you buy a good one, it should last you a long time without giving you any trouble !

here ’ s my television with the 5 things you need to do before weighing your coins:

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