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If you are interest in numismatic history, the following coin books and references are recommended to help you learn more about this capture hobby. Please see our Coin & Currency Books foliate for a survival of books available for leverage .

Coin Grading & General Reference

Grading Coins by Photographs, by Q. David Bowers
Featuring 384 full-color pages, this valuable reference contains detailed grading guidelines for every type of U.S. coin. With contributions by Littleton’s experts and other noted professionals, and a foreword by LCC President David Sundman, this book will be a valuable collecting resource. Spiral-bound pages lie flat for handy reference.
Ledger of U.S. Coins, by Coin World
The perfect way to keep a comprehensive record of your entire collection. Complete date and mint mark listings for each U.S. coin denomination and type, including mintage figures and actual-size photos. Keep track of coins you own and purchase, and coins you need to complete your series collections.
Guide Book of United States Coins, by R.S. Yeoman

The official Red Book guide (“the bible of U.S. coinage”) contains detailed information on colonial, state and U.S. coins. Features mintage figures and grade-by-grade valuation guide to all dates and mint marks, with actual-size photos and close-up images of varieties and errors. Includes official U.S. commemoratives and bullion coins. Available in hardcover, softcover and enlarged print versions.
Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins, by Q. David Bowers
Years of research and collaboration come together in this extraordinary numismatic reference to Colonial America, the birth of our nation and the U.S. Mint, early minting techniques and methods of distribution, and much more. Discover the various moneys of early America – including European tokens and coins, colonial and state issues, Washington tokens, and early federal coinage. The “bible” of its field by the “Dean of American Numismatics.” Softcover, 352 pages, over 1,000 full-color photos.

Coin Guides by Type

Insider Guide to Collecting Presidential Dollars, by Q. David Bowers
A 128-page illustrated guide to the Presidential dollar series, filled with collecting tips and information, as well as intriguing insights on each U.S. president including childhood, career, family life, presidency and retirement years. An informative and economical gift for new and experienced collectors alike.
A Guide Book of Washington and State Quarters, by Q. David Bowers
A “must” for collectors of the traditional Eagle reverse Washington quarters of 1932-1998 and the popular Statehood issues of 1999-2008. Includes a biography of George Washington, date-by-date information for all Eagle reverse quarters, and a comprehensive guide to Statehood quarters. Includes mintage figures, rarity analysis and much more, in a full-color 288-page softcover volume.
A Pocketful of History: Four Hundred Years of America – One State Quarter at a Time, by Jim Noles
Explore centuries of American history with the reverse designs on U.S. quarters of 1999-2009. Discover how and why each state and territory chose their design, the significance of each image, and what the complete collection tells us about our country and our values. Hardcover, 324 pages.
The Jefferson Nickel Analyst, by Bernard A. Nagengast
A comprehensive reference guide to Jefferson nickels by a leading expert on the series. Contains the history of the Jefferson nickel, and provides a date-by-date analysis including surfaces, strike, luster, color, mintage figures and scarcity. The 90-page large format book features over 50 illustrations including photos of major varieties. The culmination of over 20 years of research and examination.
A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents, by Q. David Bowers
Official Red Book guide to America’s longest-running coinage series. Contains a history of the 1¢ denomination, Lincoln cent collecting tips, a complete date and mint mark analysis, information on varieties and errors, and a synopsis of important events for each year since the series began in 1909. An essential reference for Lincoln cent collectors. Softcover, 304 pages.
Cherry Pickers Guide to Rare Die Varieties, by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton
Written by variety experts with input from leading numismatic scholars and dealers, the latest edition of Volume 1 identifies U.S. coins from half cents through nickels featuring rare and valuable die characteristics. Each variety is described and photographed, and this volume contains information not available in any other single source. Hardcover..

U.S. Mints

History of The United States Mint and Its Coinage, by David W. Lange

Trace the U.S. Mint from its roots in the pre-colonial era through independence and confederation, from the political intrigues of the 19th century to the coinage renaissance of the early 20th century, from the depression and world wars to modern times. Hardcover/softcover, 190 pages, illustrated.
A Mighty Fortress, by Richard G. Kelly and Nancy Y. Oliver
The fascinating saga of the second San Francisco Mint, nicknamed the “Granite Lady” and one of few buildings to survive the great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. The mint became a relief and financial center for the devastated city. Softcover, 144 pages with many historical photographs.
The Secret History of the First U.S. Mint, by Leonard Augsburger & Joel J. Orosz
Unearths long-buried facts, unravels puzzling mysteries, and debunks age-old myths about the first U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. Like history detectives, the authors track down previously unknown archives, accounts and illustrations. Hardcover, 318 pages.

American Coinage History

In Yankee Doodle’s Pocket: The Myth, Magic and Politics of Money in Early America, by William Nipper
Fresh numismatic perspective on America from early colonial days to 1840 – covering the barter system, paper money, colonials, foreign coins, early U.S. Mint issues, Hard Times tokens and more. Hardcover, 576 pages, fully-illustrated.
Numismatic Art in America: Aesthetics of the United States Coinage, by Cornelius Vermeule
America’s rich numismatic heritage including beautiful early U.S. coins, neoclassic 19th-century designs, magnificent medals and coins by early 20th-century sculptors. Hardcover, 320 pages, over 400 full-color illustrations.
Fascinating Facts, Mysteries & Myths About U.S. Coins, by Robert R. Van Ryzin
Intriguing true stories and hobby myths. Who modeled for the Buffalo/Indian Head nickel? Why was Liberty covered up on Standing Liberty quarters? Who struck the five known 1913 Liberty Head nickels? What is the King of American Coins, and the Orphan Annie? Plus much more. Hardcover/softcover, 240 pages.
Lost Gold of the Republic: The Remarkable Quest for the Greatest Shipwreck Treasure of the Civil War Era, by Priit J. Vesilind
Dramatic nautical account of the legendary SS Republic, a paddlewheel steamship that sank in a hurricane off Georgia just after the Civil War in 1865, and the arduous search for the shipwreck – discovered in 2003 with over 50,000 gold and silver coins worth more than $75 million to collectors. Hardcover, 320 pages.
Crime of 1873: The Comstock Connection, by Robert R. Van Ryzin

Fascinating “mine to the mint” Old West saga of the Comstock Lode – richest silver deposit ever found in North America – and the authorization and creation of Trade and Morgan silver dollars from Comstock bullion. Includes value guide for Trade and Morgan silver dollars. Hardcover, 297 pages.
Million Dollar Nickels: Mysteries of the 1913 Liberty Head Nickels Revealed, by Paul Montgomery, Mark Borckardt, and Ray Knight
Intriguing journey of the five known 1913 Liberty Head nickels – from their unauthorized striking at the Philadelphia Mint in 1913 until their amazing reunion at the 2003 ANA summer convention. Special attention on the Walton Specimen which “disappeared” for more than 40 years. Hardcover, 369 pages.
Striking Change: The Great Artistic Collaboration of Theodore Roosevelt and Augustus Saint-Gaudens, by Michael Moran
First-person accounts, behind-the-scenes conversations, and explosive public drama unveil the partnership between President Theodore Roosevelt and renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to reinvigorate and redesign U.S. coinage in the early 20th century. Hardcover, 480 pages, fully illustrated. 
Double Eagle: The Epic Story of the World’s Most Valuable Coin, by Alison Frankel
Gripping tale of what for decades was the only known 1933 double eagle $20 gold coin (at least a dozen more are now known to exist). Collectors, dealers, thieves, lawyers, Egypt’s King Farouk and many other characters played a hand in the story of this coin that sold in 2002 for over $7.5 million. Hardcover, 320 pages.
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