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Returns and exchange details

We try to describe details on our items a thoroughly as possible. We examine our pieces cautiously and we do note all details perceptibly affecting condition ( chips, cracks, scratches, wear to paint & trim, crazing, languish, staining, restorations and repairs, dirty fabric – anything that constitutes damage ). We offer pictures and/or descriptions of any trademarks and any reference book details we have been able to find ( country of origin, manufacturer, etc ). If we have no expertness or information about the detail we will say so in the description. We are felicitous to answer any further relevant questions about the piece. We try to offer good clear pictures of our items, and sometimes have extra views available. Our items are age-old or vintage, then minor reasonable signs of manipulation or wear must be expected – on the curious occasion when it appears to be in sincerely idle condition, we will say indeed.

Some item returns will be considered, but we list items here to sell, so sales should be considered final and items should be considered non-returnable. There are items in which no return choice will be considered. There are no returns of precious and semitrailer cherished metal and gem items, in which the metals are tested and the stones are checked by a gemologist or on a recognized stone tester before they are listed by us, unless we indicate more than one gem stone hypothesis in the list. Items with more than one stone hypothesis can not be returned for that reason. Some items have appraisals. Appraisal will be mailed individually for buyer security. No returns of costume jewelry. mechanical items are sold on an as-is footing, flush as if listed as working, as we normally do not have a direction of determining or guaranteeing their actual maintenance or use history, which is rarely available to us. We can only guess at that based on appearance which is not a guarantee of any future bring condition. There are no returns accepted for these items.

Any items we do agree to accept the revert of will not include the ship rates amounts either way. We must agree that the detail is the lapp token and in the same discipline we sent it when returned, or buyer agrees to forfeit the refund or any part of the refund to restore item. Any returns must follow our recurrence protocol, or buyer agrees to pay any fees caused by an improper return. Any returns are topic to a re-stocking fee. Thank you !

other items : reasonable return requests will constantly be considered, but we offer a very limited timeline for this. There are times when we will not consider reappearance of an item, so any returns are done on a individual basis, they are not automatic pistol. Please wonder before purchasing if this is a consideration.

Buyer is financially creditworthy for all duties/Customs fees from the purchase and importing.

We do have a few conditions for returns. The request for return must be made within 1 clientele day of your receiving the item/day of receipt, no exceptions. token must be in the mail after our agreement of return in no former than three business days from receiving the token. Please note that the refund is for the buy monetary value entirely, not shipping, unless we have made a serious error and we agree. Shipping fees either way are not refunded. Refunds will not be issued until the item is returned to us and and checked – we must agree that the detail has been returned in the demand original unaltered condition in which it was shipped to you. The tract must be labelled as we indicate in our e-mail agreeing to the render. Refunds will be issued promptly upon our reception of and interrogation of the token with a minor restock fee deducted, but not until then.

Secure manner of speaking : We ship items by track packet or expedited parcel. Items will be held at the post office for the customer to pick up, and any messenger options will require the buyer key signature. Our postal option besides includes aim notifications to the customer by Canada Post or courier service through the Etsy provided electronic mail contact option, so the customer agrees that they have been by rights informed of pitch, and have accepted delivery if either the Etsy or postal or messenger system confirms it, careless of requested manner of speaking address or pick-up time. We are not creditworthy for customer claims that they have not received this information due to any customer military action that may cause the Etsy contact system to be imprecise.

If the customer fails to pick up their Etsy arrange token for any reason, the return package is a non-authorized reelect. such returns will be subject to a minimum 25 per cent re-stocking tip, and will have no ship refund. If the item returned is verified by us as not being the detail we sent, or altered in any way, there will be no refund. If we are charged an importing fee due to a tax return, that will besides be deducted from any refund. This policy applies to any Etsy leverage, even if the item is considered returnable.

reference : https://tin360.net
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