How Much is a 1955 Wheat Penny Worth? (Price Chart)

The 1955 Penny is on the tilt of the Lincoln pennies Victor D. Brenner designed. Millions of these cents were produced, and we hush have many of them around. however, they are not easily available as scoop change because they are by and large kept in coin hoards and collections .

The value of the 1955 Wheat penny in good condition is $0.02, but this cent could be worth way more than this, based on its other features. For example, in 2021, a rare double die 1955 penny was sold on eBay for $1,800.75!

If you ’ re passionate about Lincoln pennies, you should decidedly invest time in finding out more about the 1955 Wheat penny. Reading this article is a great starting indicate since we ’ rhenium going to discuss this widely-known penny .

What is the 1955 Penny?

What is the 1955 PennyWhat is the 1955 Penny
The 1955 Penny is a Wheat cent made from copper, zinc, and can. As its name suggests, it was minted in 1955 in the US .
Like other Lincoln pennies, it features the Abraham Lincoln profile on its obverse side and the inscriptions “ LIBERTY ” and “ IN GOD WE TRUST. ” In addition, there are two inscriptions on the 1955 Penny ’ s tail – “ One Cent ” and “ United States of America. ”
Since the 1955 Penny ’ sulfur features are pretty much alike to those of other wheat pennies, how can you distinguish it from them ? well, on its point is the date “ 1955 ” to indicate the year it was made .

Brief Summary of the 1955 Penny

  • Name of Coin: 1955 Lincoln (Wheat) Penny
  • Series of Coin: Lincoln Cent
  • Portrait: Abraham Lincoln
  • Main Reverse Feature: “ONE CENT”
  • Denominational value: $0.01
  • Pawnshop value: Depends on the 1955 penny’s features/condition
  • Metal Composition: Copper (95%) and tin & zinc (5%)
  • Diameter: 19.05mm
  • Mass/Weight: 3.11 grams
  • Mint: Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver mints
  • Designer: Victor David Brenner
  • Mintage No: 938,825,700 coins

History of the 1955 Wheat Penny

about a billion 1955 pennies were struck in the United States in 1955. There were three varieties of this penny, distinguished by the mint marks they bore. While those made at the Philadelphia mint featured no mint crisscross, those struck at the Denver and San Francisco mint had a “ D ” and “ S ” mintmark, respectively .
About 40,000 of the 1955 pennies made came with the double die error. More than 20,000 of these were released and remain one of the most sought Lincoln cents .

Why was the 1955 penny minted?

As with all the wheat pennies, the 1955 penny was minted to honor President Abraham Lincoln .


330,958,200 1955 pennies without any mintmark were minted at the Philadelphia mint. 563,257,500 of these cents ( with a “ D ” mint mark ) were produced at the Denver mint. The San Francisco mints struck 44,610,000 with an “ S ” mintmark – 378,000 of these 1955 S pennies were proof .

Features of the 1955 penny

These are the main features to look out for when you want to identify a 1955 penny .

Obverse (head) features)

Obverse (head) features) Obverse (head) features)
The head of the 1955 penny features an Abraham Lincoln persona. There ’ mho a raised inscription on its leave side – it reads “ LIBERTY. ” On the right side, you ’ ll find the year “ 1955, ” while across the top of this cent ’ sulfur obverse side is the dedication “ IN GOD WE TRUST. ”

Reverse (tail) features

Reverse (tail) features Reverse (tail) features
The 1955 Penny ’ mho revoke side is dominated by two inscriptions – “ ONE CENT ” and “ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. ” There ’ s a wheat stalk along the left forbidden edge and another along the good outer edge. The phrase “ E Pluribus Unum ” is engraved across the circus tent of the 1955 penny ’ mho chase .

Metals Used

A combination of 95 % copper and 5 % zinc & canister was used to manufacture the 1955 Wheat penny. The penny weighs 3.11 g and has a diameter of 19.05 millimeter ( 0.750 in ) .

The 1955 Wheat Penny Value

The 1955 Wheat Penny ValueThe 1955 Wheat Penny Value
The prize of a 1955 penny minted at the Philadelphia mint is $ 0.02 if it ’ mho in good or finely condition. One minted at the San Francisco mint is priced a short higher, at $ 0.03. If the 1955 S penny is proof, its price shoots to about $ 22. 1955-D pennies are worth $ 0.30 in uncirculated conditions. But if they are in ticket or full condition, they are worth angstrom much as 1955 pennies without mint marks.A 1955 penny in license mint state of matter ( MS+ ) can fetch about $ 8 or more at an auction.

Comparison Table Showing the Value of the 1955 Penny

Condition/Coin Variety  1955 1955 D 1955 S 1955 DLB DIE
Good $0.02 $0.02 $0.03 N/A
Fine $0.02 $0.02 $0.03 N/A
Extremely Fine $0.04 $0.04 $0.05 $901
Uncirculated $1 $0.30 $0.35 $1,583

How much is the 1955 penny worth at the pawnshop?

It ’ s slightly catchy to tell the accurate price of a 1955 penny at a pawnbroker’s shop. This is because these businesses consider different factors when assessing the value of this penny .
These include its circumstance and curio. This is why one 1955 penny can be worth only $ 0.02 at a pawn patronize, and another can be priced at $ 8 – $ 22 or more. One with an error, such as the 1955 doubly die penny, is worth more than all others. It can be sold for $ 901 in highly fine stipulate .

Factors That Influence the Value of the 1955 Penny

Factors That Influence the Value of the 1955 PennyFactors That Influence the Value of the 1955 Penny
Supposing you have a 1955 penny that you ’ d like to sell, how do you know the best price to ask for it ? here are the factors that numismatists put into account when assessing the prize of 1955 wheat pennies .


The degree of a 1955 penny determines its circumstance. We have these four grades :

  • Uncirculated – When a 1955 penny has this grade, it has been stored since it was minted in 1955. It hasn’t been through any hands. Therefore, it doesn’t have any signs of wear, and anyone can believe it just left the mint.
  • Extremely fine – A 1955 Penny with this grade doesn’t look as bright as the one in uncirculated condition. This cent has exchanged a few or no hands. It has some minor flaws, which are only noticeable under a microscope or loupe.
  • Fine – 1955 pennies in fine condition have been on the open market for a long time. This has resulted in visible damage such as slight smoothing or scratching. However, the raised lettering, like the “1955”, “In God We Trust,” “LIBERTY” and “E Pluribus Unum” is still flawless. The wheat stalks and Abraham Lincoln’s also look pretty decent.
  •  Good – If a numismatist gives a 1955 penny this grade, it means it has a lot of damage. The lettering and imagery might be invisible due to smoothing. This coin also comes with deep scratches that make it unappealing to collectors.

typically, the value of a 1955 penny increases as its discipline improves. therefore, a 1955 penny in uncirculated condition is worth more than those with extremely fine, fine, and good grades .


Rarity is another coarse factor that influences the value of a 1955 penny. today, 1955 S cents are rarer than the early 1955 pennies. The San Francisco mint stopped producing these cents after minting 44,610,000 of them. This makes them incredibly valuable to coin dealers, meaning their demand is besides higher than other varieties .

Misstruck/ Error Coin

Misstruck 1955 coins are worth unbelievably more than regular-strike pennies. The double fail error mint is one of the most well-known and recognizable errors in the 1955 penny. These coins were produced because the mint die wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate manufactured correctly. This caused two images or letters to appear on one coin die ( the two images or letters are alike but slightly offset ) .
A 1955 doubly die penny is extremely valuable, making it one of the most coveted coins anyone can possess. In 2021, a 1955 cent with this error fetched an incredible $ 1,800.75 on eBay. impressively, about 40 coin enthusiasts were fighting for it. But only the drug user “ mnvikings55 ” got to take it home. The 1955 double die coin could have effortlessly been sold for $ 16,644 if it were in uncirculated ( MS-63 ) condition .


1955 Wheat Penny FAQ1955 Wheat Penny FAQ

Where can I find a 1955 penny today?

If you want a 1955 penny, visit an enthusiastic coin principal you know. Most of these collectors keep this cent for its numismatic value. You may find it in estates with mint collections as well. Some pawnshops besides have this popular Lincoln cent and can sell it to you at a price they deem fit .

How can I determine the value of my 1955 penny?

Identifying the value of your 1955 penny is pretty easy. First, consider factors such as its grade/condition and rarity .
If you ’ re not conversant with the march of determining the price of a Lincoln penny, consult a trustworthy numismatist. With them, it ’ ll be a lot easier to know how much your 1955 penny is worth .

If I have a 1955 Penny and want to sell it, what should I do?

If you have a 1955 penny for sale, take it to the pawnbroker’s shop. The pawnbroker will analyze its features and appraise it. then, supposing you ’ rhenium discontentment with selling it to them at the price they name, consider eCommerce websites such as eBay and Amazon. You can besides sell it at an auction .

Where was the 1955 Penny minted?

1955 pennies were minted at the Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver mints in the US .

What are some of the interesting things that happened in the year the 1955 penny was made?

several noteworthy things occurred when the 1955 penny was minted. For case, Winston Churchill, the widely-known british Prime Minister, stepped down because his health was deteriorating. In addition, celebrated physicist, Albert Einstein, died the same year at 76.

Another foreground from 1955 is that the United States started sending aid to Vietnam, marking its interest in the war .

Winding up: Is the 1955 Wheat Penny Value worth it?

The 1955 penny, whose confront value is $ 0.01, is worth it because of its veridical value that ranges from $ 0.02 to thousands of dollars. It ’ s affected by elements such as curio and grade. Since it ’ s a part of the Lincoln pennies designed by Victor David Brenner, it has coarse Wheat penny features like the Abraham Lincoln effigy on its head and two wheat stalks on its chase. To know more about this cent, contact us !

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