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1953 Sixpence – Queen Elizabeth II, minted from Cupro Nickel
The 1953 Sixpence – Queen Elizabeth II was a british ash grey coin that was first mint 1551 and virtually endlessly until decimalization in 1971. They are humble coins, the last mint had a diameter of about 19.4 mm .
It was a popular mint when in circulation and is now popular with collectors as it has a long history and many nice specimens can be obtained at low-cost prices. The Sixpence mint was frequently referred to as a ‘ Tanner ’ .
silver medal Sixpences ( half a tanzanian shilling ) have been minted since 1551, in the reign of Edward VI, and were minted by every british Monarch since then. The sixpence originally appeared ascribable to the degradation of eloquent neologism prior to 1551.

By the mid and late eighteenth hundred when Britain was moving through an Industrial revolution there was a huge demand for silver neologism. The french Revolutionary Wars ( 1792-1802 ) and the Napoleonic Wars ( 1803-1815 ) made the silver and amber shortages even worse. The sixpence was so thin it could be bent by hired hand and then got the dub of a ‘ carouse ’ .
In the Great Recoinage of 1816 the british Government made a massive undertake to stabilise the currency and the sixpence ( with other silver coins ) moved to a new standard – Sterling Silver, at 0.925 ( 92.5 % ) flatware.

greatest Silver remained the standard until the World Wars took their toll ; the sixpence became 50 % silver in 1920 and no silver at all in 1946. The mint then became cupronickel ( 75 % bull, 25 % nickel ). The end circulation sixpence was date 1967, with a proof in 1970 merely before decimalization on 15 February 1971.

Why was it called a Tanner ? No matchless knows for certain but a rival must be after John Sigismund Tanner ( 1705-1775 ), who was Chief Engraver of the Royal Mint during the predominate of George II and was the architect of a sixpence. The early option may be the son derived from a Romany word ‘ tawno ’, meaning humble thing .
A Quick bill About Denomination. Since decimalization we ( the UK ) have £1 = 100p, that is One Pound = 100 penny, but before decimalization the breakdown was identical different. While the Pound Sterling was the lapp, in the pre-Decimal earned run average One Pound = 20 shillings = 240 pennies, or One british shilling = 12 pennies .
so a 1953 Sixpence – Queen Elizabeth II is 6 ( old ) pennies or half a shilling. One fortieth of a pound. In today ’ s money it would be worth 2½ penny. not much now, but in days gone by sixpence was a well sum of money .

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